Don't trust your Legacy to the Cloud!

Christina Herd

(session 12 March, 2021)

So thankful for Michael Boatright because he made me this wonderful gift for my mother for Mother’s Day!! She absolutely LOVED IT!!! Please go see Michael for any of your portrait needs. He’s the best around!

Christina Herd was the Archivist/Historian for DramaTech Theatre (the oldest continually running theatre company in the Southeast) in 2014 when I first started working with them. She went on to become President of the club, graduated (some call it “escaped”) from Georgia Tech (my alma mater) and is now in Law School.

The image was captured on a 4”x5” negative using an 1930’s vintage Graflex Graphic View Camera, developed in studio, and then printed using a 125 year-old process known as Van Dyke Brown Printing, also in studio, made for Christina to give to her mom for Mother’s Day (I can post it now because she has already given it to her). SO and THANK YOU to Martin Krohne for the wonderful gift of his home-made UV box that greatly simplified making this print! Many software packages today try to simulate an alt-print border, but nothing like the real thing, and while I could have matted it all out, both she and I love it this way.