7 Stages

1105 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Resident Company(ies) 7 Stages
Website www.7stages.org
Seats Mainstage - 157; black box -

These photographs may include works and designs that are copyrighted by others; used with permission. #darkhousesatlanta

7 Stages ( (Photographed July 28, 2020)

Two months ago today, I had shot two theatre/stages for my””Dark Houses Atlanta project. At the time, I wasn’t even sure that this would even “be a thing.” Thirty more theatres later, I think it’s a thing. What is amazing is how many more theatres, roadhouses, clubs, coffee houses and other performance spaces there are in Atlanta that I haven’t photographed!

What makes Atlanta and Georgia unique is the richness of our culture and especially of the abundance of live-performing arts. Abundance, that is, until March when everything collapsed.

This project happened because the community saw how special our stages, artists and everyone that make their productions happen and how tragic it is that they are all dark. Two people are responsible for helping me spread the word about “this thing”: Melissa Foulger at DramaTech Theatre and Mack Headrick at 7 Stages.

I’ve known Mack and 7 Stages through SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company who used to perform there. As life would have it, 7 Stages was hosting their summer “Youth Creates” educational program in partnership with BOOTCAMP in Holland when we connected.

(As an aside, It is inspiring to see the theatre companies who worked very hard to make safe, socially distant summer programs for youth.)

So my shoot at 7 Stages had to be delayed for a bit as they had their camp. It was worth the wait, as I just love being in that building. It is one of the best houses in town, with the prettiest wood floor you will ever see. Something about it always seems to make my blood pressure go down!

The video that was created out of the summer program, titled “INTERSPACE” is pretty amazing and even more so when you realize it was created collaboratively by youth in two countries. If you watch it, you will understand why there is a red telephone sitting house center in several of my photographs (https://www.michaelboatright.com/7Stages). It is worth 40~ minutes of your time watch the video (on the 7 Stages website liked off the project page above).

The premise of the piece is that “It’s OK to feel insane.” Locked on our own heads, in our own little worlds, without living, breathing contact with each other drives us insane. Possibly because storytelling is the oldest and most necessary form of sentient human communication.

Sure it’s a video piece, but it strikes right at the heart of why we gather, lean in, and tell and listen to stories that stir our souls.

Originally posted to Facebook, September 6, 2020