Whole World Theatre

1216 Spring St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Resident Company(ies) Whole World Theatre
Website wholeworldtheatre.com
Seats 125

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Whole World Theatre ( (Photographed July 24, 2020)

Where in the whole world can you find good improv? At the Whole World Improv Theatre, of course.

I apologize for the bad joke, but it’s Friday before the Labor Day holiday and so, I’m just improvising.

Sadly, a lot of theatres, performers, stagehands, craftspeople and so many others in the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry can’t celebrate much this weekend. Some are struggling with “survival jobs” if they can find them. Others are just trying to hang on, or help others with whatever they have to share.

But to a person who I have met through this #darkhousesatlanta project, they all still laugh. Laughing Matters. So much so that Laughing Matters is the resident company at Whole World. You can find them on Twitch right now. They are funny.

Originally posted to Facebook, September 4, 2020